HK UMP .40 caliber parts set. Sorry, Sold Out at this time.

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UMP parts kit

Heckler and Koch  UMP parts set in .40 S&W.  All parts are in good to very good condition.  Normal handling and wear from use.  Some or all of the red and/or white paint on the selector markings may be worn away.


Recent demill guns with all parts except the receiver to include:


Navy trigger group. (safe, semi, full automatic)

One thirty round .40 S&W magazine.

.40 S&W barrel.  Barrel may have some minor staining/cosmetic marks on the exterior.  Bore is very good or better.

Butt stock with all hinge parts, rear sight parts and remaining rear section of receiver.

Complete .40 S&W bolt and recoil spring.


Barrel pin.

Front receiver portion with front sight and rail section.

Complete cocking lever.

Take down pin.